Young Lives

The WCC has partnered with an awesome organization called YoungLives. YoungLives has never wavered from the original vision to reach teen moms and their babies by entering their world, modeling the unconditional love of Christ, and encouraging them to become the women and mothers God created them to be...

Do you want a safe place to go to meet other teen moms just like yourself? Do you need free diaper and wipes? Do you need a friend to walk along side you who can offer support, encouragement and advice during this change in your life? Do you want to have fun while sharing a meal with each other? Do you need a free night of babysitting?

We can provide ALL this and more. We are a group of volunteers who want to encourage you, support you and be a friend during your time with our club. We ask nothing from you and will never judge you. We are here to love you!

To find out when we meet at the WCC please take a look at our WCC Calendar

If you are a teen mom and would like to visit a YoungLives evening please contact Kira Maton (YoungLives Club Coordinator) at   or