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The Spot at the Westside

In December 2018, Providence Church purchased the car wash property on W. Washington Street. Over the years the car wash became a property that attracted drug users, crime and other negative activity. However, we saw potential for this wasted space. The Westside Community Center has been given the opportunity to partner with Providence Church and StanAb to revitalize this property through this exciting project.

we're restoring this property to create

• A place to play
• A safe, healthy space to skateboard
• A larger Community Garden
• A place for kids
• Green Space to enjoy

Our goal is 

to revitalize 

a property 

that has been 

misused and 

create a space 

that can benefit 

our community.





Over the years the car wash became a property that attracted drug users, crime and other negative activity.





This project will expand the current Community Garden allowing for more healthy produce to be distributed to our community.



We will be able to expand the Skate Spot Program and allow for an even safer environment to see the skate culture impacted in the community.



There is space for a modified Basketball Court on this property to ensure that people can enjoy the sport that they love.

research shows

The presence of a community garden decreases food insecurity, improves health and dietary intake, and strengthens relationships within the community (Fogle, 2014).

Communities with a safe skate spot reduce criminal behavior as much as 29%, reduce damage to private properties, and provide a safe place for skateboarders (Jacobson, 2019).

Public basketball courts encourage cross cultural interactions, establish social networks, and can lead to a healthier lifestyle ofexercise (Staub D, Colby SE, Olfert MD, et al.)

Students that attended westside programs in 2018-2019

Improved Behavior

71% avoided sex

88% avoided drugs/alcohol

96% avoided skipping or dropping out of school

Improved Academics

75% increased academic motivation

83% doing better in school

71% improved reading/writing skills

Gained Leadership Experience

88% believe their life has purpose

88% want to give back to others

79% want to take on leadership roles in their community

Boosted Confidence

96% feel more confident

88% increased self-esteem

75% made more friends

help us

restore this property

by partnering with us financially. Together, we'll create a safer community with less crime, stronger relationships, fresh produce, and a safe place for youth. 

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